Hot August Nights

Normally the hottest month of the year here in the great Northwoods tends to be August.  July was a beast!  I am ready to move to Antarctica at times, so c’mon climate change…let up on us for a little while.  Super PLLEEEEAASSSSSE!      How has your summer heat been where you are?

The latest in BIRD NOTES FROM MY YARD are two absolute delights.  I only get special feathered visitors like this when I don’t have a camera of any kind available, thus I must borrow shots from the internet.  When a camera of any sort is close at hand?  Forget it.  Ain’t happening. 

Visitor #1 happened along early one morning right in front of my window, while I was still sitting right on the edge of my bed.  I didn’t have my blinds all the way up since I was in a naked state, but open just enough that I caught a flash of feathers zip right past.  So, I leaned over slightly to peek under the edge and surprised to find a Catbird on the top of the clothesline post…looking back at me.            


The more I leaned over to get a better look, this vigilant little warrior of the yard leaned over too – with it’s head almost upside down and it just about ready to fall off the pole!  After a while he or she decided patrol duties were in order and went back to their normal routine, which first meant the porch railing.  I never saw them on the railing before, but that has been it’s added to it’s daily route ever since.

Gray Catbird 2158s

The second visitor was here just the other day and was the only one of the season so far (for me) and was such an awesome sight. 


I had been out doing errands and had just pulled in the driveway and turned off the car.  Truly, I have no clue what caught my eye, but perched overhead on the telephone line that stretches from my roof to the alley, was a beautiful lady Ruby-throated Hummingbird. 

She was in the process of doing her version of calisthenic exercises, stretches in half a dozen different positions.  That was followed up with some judicious preening.  I was grinning from ear to ear as she then went back to some more stretches.  After all Hummers can never be too limber!

She tasted the air a couple times, before she decided it was time to visit the neighbor’s nasturtiums.  That was it, I didn’t see her after that, but I was honored to have the chance to witness what I did get to see.

You never know what you might get to see right in your own back yard … you just have to be observant and careful not to disturb them.  I hope you have a most splendid August!


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