Lift Your Spirit

What a busy BUSY month … something I never expected.  Between working hard with physical therapy and my improving health (yes, it does take work!), writing and the start of new work besides that . . . I am finding myself exhausted most of the time.  It is great!  An honest work and though exhaustion can be a pain and feel like crap, it is inspiring to find myself in this situation . . . I love it!

Maybe sometime this month or next I will have the time for a day trip to the North Shore – that’s Lake Superior, by the way.  Sharing pictures from stops along the way might be a nice change of pace.  Of course, one person’s treasured spots in nature may not mean a thing to others, and I would welcome you sharing a treasured spot of your own.  The celebration of being out in nature, away from the city or even just a break from your usual daily pace can make an awesome difference on how you tackle each day.  Let’s face it, in the world day, that is an ever-growing challenge.  Sharing brings us together and can provide benefits that often can’t even be imagined.

As I sit here writing this I have elements of nature all around me, even though looking out my window only gives me a dark screen (it’s 3 a.m., Peeps).  The resonance of the nature I bring into my office, or you bring into your own space, can make all the difference in your daily ways.  I am listening to a wonderful nature video as I write … we’ll see if I can share that with you.  If it doesn’t work – my apologies. 

Even the birds have been busy this month!  A few of the neighborhood Ravens, guaranteed to be ruled by their stomachs, attraction to bright things & just their typical curious nature, have learned to come have meals at a couple of spots in my back yard.  When they’re lucky, there’s even between-meals snacks.  Thus, they have also learned to watch the back door and know when food is being offered.  Other birds are learning from observing the Ravens, although they wait their turns until the big birds are done.


I won an online auction a few weeks ago that I am thrilled with (you never know for sure from just pictures) … a combination bird bath and sun dial, with a sailboat gnomon.  It was listed as being cast iron and even though that was fine, seemed like it would be odd for that type of item.  I had my suspicions and fingers crossed when I went to pick it up.  YES!  As I hoped, it turned out to be bronze and despite its diminutive size, I couldn’t be happier with it.  As proof in the pudding, so to speak, the other day I looked out the window and there was a Chickadee sitting on the edge of it.  Not in the tiny puddle (relative for the size of the bird), but never-the-less looking every bit as though it was content in surveying its world from a long-time post.  Perhaps I’ll lay some black oil sunflower seeds out on the railing to further enhance the quality of its being there. 

It has been said before, and I will continue to advise you of such . . . bring nature inside with you.  Have it close at hand right outside your door.  It can make you smile. Brighten your day. And lift your spirit!    


2 thoughts on “Lift Your Spirit

  1. This month has been hectic for me, too. My brother, nephew, SIL, hubby, dad, and MIL’s birthdays, my anniversary, writing, working out, working overtime…. Whew! Thank goodness I have a vaca coming in Oct.


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